Reptiles Are Unique

One of the oldest and most unique creatures on earth, are our cold blooded room mates the reptiles. From being cherished pets all the way down to being feared, they definitely have their own skill set. Let’s dig further into that skill set and drag out some of the weird facts about reptiles.
A weird fact about turtles is that the temperature the egg is incubated at, predetermines the gender of the turtle. The warmer the egg is the more likely the egg will be a female and if it happens to be cooler it will be male.
Even though reptiles live on almost every continent, except for the coldest regions. Most reptiles are still on the endangered species list.
It’s more likely that you will die from a bee sting then a snake bite. On top of that most snakes aren’t venomous and only about two percent of snakes are even potentially harmful to humans. This fact however is the opposite in Australia.
Certain lizards can stick out their tongue to lengths longer than their bodies, while crocodiles can’t stick their tongue out at all because it is attached to the roof o the mouth.
These ancient creatures are dreamt about as well as feared. If there is one thing we know about these ectothermic critters, they are not running short on weird interesting facts.